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Cuyahoga County Corrections Center

Corrections Center

The Cuyahoga County Corrections Center (CCCC) is a unique facility. The high-rise building, situated on one-half of a city block in downtown Cleveland at W. 3rd and Lakeside, consists of two independent structures united by a bridge on the Fourth Floor level. Between the two buildings, there are approximately one million square feet of space dedicated to the housing of maximum security prisoners, who are channeled into the CCCC from the City of Cleveland Municipal Court, as well as 13 other suburban courts and the Court of Common Pleas.

The CCCC houses approximately ten different classifications of inmates, from Pretrial Felons to Sentenced Misdemeanants; Juveniles to Adults; County, State and Federal jurisdictions. The Average Length of Stay for the Pretrial inmate is approximately 32 days, while the ALS for the Sentenced Misdemeanor averages 130 days.

Jail I, first occupied in July of 1977, opened with a rated capacity of 956. Jail II, first occupied in November of 1994, has a rated capacity of 480, making the original combined rated capacity of both Jail I and Jail II 1436. The current Average Daily Population is approximately 1850.

In April of 1999, a renovation project costing $13.5 million was completed. During this renovation, full operations were maintained, making this the largest maximum security facility to maintain full operations while undergoing a complete renovation. This renovation resulted in an additional 303 beds, raising the rated capacity to 1269 in Jail I for a combined total of 1749 between Jail I and Jail II.

The CCCC is managed by a dedicated Executive Staff comprised of Director of Corrections, two Wardens, three Associate Wardens, Captain, Facility Services Manager, Mental Health Services Manager, and Health Care Services Director. The daily operations are managed by 20 Sergeants who oversee 33 Corporals (lead workers) and a complement of 600 Corrections Officers (line staff). Together, this team, in conjunction with a full time medical staff which includes doctors, RN's, LPN's, MTA’s, Psychiatric and Dental services, attends to a population dispersed over 85 housing units or "pods" (59 in Jail I and 26 in Jail II). The yearly departmental budget of approximately $54 million, 70% of which is dedicated to Corrections, includes the production of 6,000+ meals daily at an average cost of $0.70 per meal.