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As an entity that deals with the County employees and the public on a day-to-day basis, the need for customer service is very important. Our goals are always be polite and courteous. To accomplish this goal Protective Services must create and maintain an atmosphere of security and comfort for staff, customer and visitors to our service area.

If I need to gain access to a building after hours, who do I contact?
Call 443-2141 the Sgt. on duty will only give access to County Buildings to employees who have written permission from their supervisor and posses proper County Identification.  (For emergencies such as having left a personal item such as a purse or medicine, the officer on duty will escort you.)

If I receive a harassing/threatening phone call, what should I do?
Contact a Protective Service Officer in your building or call 443-2141.

I went through the Metal Detector and personal items of mine were confiscated, how and when can I retrieve them?
All personal items that are deemed "illegal" i.e. drugs, weapons, contraband will be permanently confiscated.  All other item can be obtained upon exiting the building.

Why do I have to wear my badge?
Cuyahoga County policy requires all employees to wear their County ID badges at all times, while on county property or representing the county.