All Cuyahoga County Executive departments and agencies, with the exception of some public safety and emergency offices, will be closed Friday, December 26, 2014. Please use our contact list to check if the agency/department you are trying to reach is open on December 26.

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Emergency Contact Info

  • Report a Hazardous Material spill.
  • Report a Blood borne Pathogen incident.
  • Report an OSHA violation

Call Health & Safety at (216) 443-6673 or

Call our Dispatch Center at (216) 443-2141
24 Hours/7 Days a week. 

  • Report an Indoor Air Quality Complaint.
  • Report suspicious Asbestos material
  • Report Environmental Hazard

Call the Environmental Project Manager, Jim May (216) 443-7556 or

Call our Dispatch Center at(216) 443-2141
24 Hours/7 Days a week.

  • Report an alarm response to County Properties.
  • Report a motor vehicle accident involving a County vehicle or County Driver.
  • Building Patrols. Working and/or after hours.
  • Escort Services.
  • Parking enforcement on County property.
Call our Dispatch Center at (216) 443-2141
24 Hours/7 Days a week
  •  Security Planning and Survey Assessments.
  Call our Security Planner at (216) 443-7692