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Inmate Information

Inmates sentenced to the Corrections Center may be housed in the Corrections Center or at one of the satellite locations utilized by the Sheriff's Office. Specific information concerning visitation procedures, program access, and directions to the facility, etc. may be acquired from the specific facility.


The first step in the custody process is Booking. The Booking process includes the gathering of pertinent information that is needed to allow the Corrections Center staff to better meet the inmate's needs during confinement. During the Booking process, all personal property is taken and secured. The inmate is interviewed by various people, fingerprinted and photographed. He or she receives a medical intake screening, and a jail issue of clothing, bedding, and toiletry items.


Inmates may have no money in their possession while confined. Any money an inmate has at the time of confinement can be placed into a commissary account which can be used to purchase various and sundry items. Money can be placed into an inmate's account at visitation. Inmates also have the opportunity to purchases up to $30.00 of merchandise per week.

Mail & Telephones

The mailing address for the Corrections Center is:

Name & SO Number
Cuyahoga County Jail
P.O. Box 5600
Cleveland, OH 44101

The Corrections Center will not accept any packages or money for inmates through the mail except paperback books. Books may be purchased from any bookstore, but must be mailed from the bookstore. All incoming mail must be in an embossed or metered envelope; no stamped incoming mail will be accepted. Stamped mail will be returned to sender unopened. All incoming mail must have a proper return address. Effective May 9, 2016, incoming mail which has been decorated in any way (envelope and/or contents) will not be accepted.

Telephones are made available for inmate use on a daily basis. These phones are coinless collect phones. No incoming phone calls are accepted for inmates.


Programs such as GED, Project Learn, AA, NA, CA, as well as in house religious services, library, recreation, and barbershop are made available to the entire inmate population. A schedule for these various programs is maintained so that all inmates have an equal opportunity to access them.

Health Care Services

As an NCCHC accredited full service facility, the Corrections Center provides both medical and psychiatric health care to all inmates. A nominal copay fee is charged and deducted from the inmate's commissary account, however no services will be modified or denied due to the inability of an inmate to pay.

Damage to Property

The Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office will be reimbursed for any damages to Cuyahoga County property caused by an inmate.